Friday, February 24, 2012

The Digikids session today was split into two parts.

We started by talking about our Digikids Treaty - how we want to learn when we are at Digikids. We used to mindmap our ideas. The login for is on our Digikids homepage on KnowledgeNET. This tool will be good to use back in our classes when we are brainstorming topics for writing, inquiry etc. We can take screenshots of our brainstorms/mindmaps to put on a blog, in our e-Portfolios, Keynote, Pages etc. Or even just print them out to put on the class wall display.

The second part of our session focused on using Pages. We created a page about ourselves using the Page Layout option. Ms J asked us to incorporate text boxes, shapes, fonts, colours, photos, photo frames, reflections, shadows etc. It is much easier if we use the Inspector to access all these tools. We also talked about the importance of only using creative commons images in our work if we need to get some from the internet. Today we saved our worked into the Digikids folder on the server.

Next week we are going to be looking at some more advanced tools in Pages.

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