Tuesday, October 15, 2013

C.W's tellagami avatar

IR's Tellagami Avatar

Hi! This is my tellagami avatar

HH's Avatar

This is my Avatar that I made and I am really proud of it.

TL's tellagami avatar

This is my avatar I created on an app called Tellagami. I like my avatar because it's a cartoon version of me. It's really fun to create and avatar.

My Tellagami :P

I made this video using an app on the ipad called tellagami. 


I just created this Tellagami on the iPad! You can create your own little avatar and it's speaks too!You can change the clothes and background and move your person around... It's awesome! I totally recommend the app for everyone!

~SS :P

Tellagami Avatar

I made this app by using an app/website called Tellagami.

The small version of. . . . . .ME!

tap !tap !tap ! The small version of....... ME! From tellagami . . . .
the app on the I Pad. . . .

AT's Tellagami

This is my Avatar. I made it on an app called tellagami and it was so fun!!

NL's Tellagami Avatar

                            This is my Tellagami I created this by using the app on the iPad
                            ~ NL :P

Tellagami Avatar

This is my avatar. I made it by using an app/website called Tellagami.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Digikids test spreedsheet

Random Drawing

Favourite colour sheet

In digikids, I've been learning how to make a spreadsheet. It was really fun. I
made it about sport. My favourite sport is swimming.

BTWs spreadsheet

this is my spreedsheet

HH's Spreadsheet

Today I've learnt how to use spreadsheet.



KY Favourite Fruit

I learnt how to make a graph in Google spreadsheets. I used a pie graph. We also learnt how to put it onto the Digikids blog.

TL's Sheet

I enjoyed doing my spreadsheet because it was a lot of fun and I learnt something new.  I thought to was a cool idea. My favourite colour was the purple, thats why I put it the most votes.

CC's Spreadsheet

I learnt how to collect data and learned to use spread sheets.


KP's shreadsheet

Favourite Pet IR

I learnt how to make a graph in google spreadsheets. I also learnt how to put it on the blog. I used a bar graph.

MA's spread sheet

This was really easy because we are digikids and we find things easy.

Spread sheet

I learnt to how to make a spread sheet.

Sports spreedsheet

Today I learnt how to collect data and do it into a spreed sheet and
 all sorts of stuff about spreed sheet and how to upload it to the Digikids

Sports sheet

My First SpreadSheet!

Today I have learnt how to use the Google appliccation Spread Sheets! It is alot of fun and I hope we can do it again.

A '&' D

Today we learnt how to collet data by using google spread sheet.                   : )

JG's spreadsheet

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

spread sheet

Today I learnt how to use google spreadsheets and I learnt heaps of new things.

C.W spreadsheet


Levi's Pie Chart about the 21st century apps!


This is a spreadsheet/graph that I made with CC. We had to do a random numbers and votes with the options because we did not have enough time to find out what everyone would say. Then we highlighted it and turned it into a (doughnut) graph and changes the colours and fonts.
I learnt how to make it and change it into what I wanted. It would've been better if we got to have more fonts to choose from.

Favorite colour on Google spreadsheets

Today I learnt how to collect data and create it into a graph of our choice. We needed to create a title and change the appearance and the legend words. I used a donut graph. There are many different graphs to use.  I also learnt how to publish it to the digiKids blog.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A.M What a Baby Go Animate

                             What a Baby!

This is my Go Animate. It was really fun and easy to make.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kp's survey

DC Survey


A Favorite Survey

IU Suervey

Information (SY)

MA survey

L,N,T,G's Survey for cool people!

AT's survey

CC's form

J.D Survey

IR Survey

HH's survey

~SS's Form ~

TL's Survey

NL Survey

MS J Survey

Google Forms

Today we have been learning about making Google Forms.  Your task is to embed your practice form into our blog and then submit responses to at least two other Digikid forms.  Good luck!
Ms J

Monday, June 17, 2013

Google presentation: Top 3 strongest heroes

Here is the link for my google presentation slides !!!
click to visit:


Click here for a link.

Here are some cool facts about bats.

click here for the link

Here is some slides I did about Minecraft.

Taylor Swift

Click here for a link.
Here are some fun and interesting facts about Taylor Swift, click the link above to find out more.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google Presentation Using

Ding ding !!!!!!

My presentation about lions.

This is my presentation 

I like using presentation because lions is one of my favourite animals. I also like using presentation because it's a fun thing to do.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All about V.P

Here is my presentation about V.P.  I have done this because I just want to do a presentation about her because she is one of my friends.
Click the bunny to view

I hoped you like my presentation 
Please Comment!

I love Cats

This is my presentation 

I love using this presentation because I can make a presentation and show people.

Taylor Swift

This is my presentation.
I love using this because I can make a presentation to show people.

communication on applications

This is my presentation
I hope you like it.

Taylor Swift Presentation

Click here for to view my presentation.

Here are some Taylor Swift facts.  Google Presentation is very easy to use!
Click here to view my Presentation

Sign Language Presentation

Here is a link to my Google Presentation.

 This is my Sign Language Presentation. Google Presentation is almost identical to keynote on Mac's. Hope you like it!!!

CC's Google Presentation

This term our class have been using Google Apps! On the link below is my presentation I did for homework! A couple of weeks ago, it was Food Week and our homework was to write the ingredients for your favourite family dinner! And explain why..

At first I thought making a presentation was really hard but it was extra easy!
To look at my awesome presentation click on the link below!!


~Google Presentation~

This term we have been using Google apps. In this post I will show you my presentation that I created.
To see my presentation click the smile... 
It was for our homework and it was the first time I ever used google presentation. Sometimes it was tricky to do things like adding in photos because sometimes it won't show up. But in the end I found out how to do it and now it is easier than before.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

CC's Other Avatar

This is the manga avatar I made, I think it turned out really cute! I chose that kind of hair because I've always wanted my hair to look like that :D I also love whiskers and batman!

~A.M's new Avatar~

Guess What? I was playing around and I found this awesome site on which I can make cool avatars! It was called facemymanga.com. Like it?

JD's avatar in Paris.

~My Manga face~SS~


DC's Simpsons avatar

Today we were making a Simpsons avatar.  I chose green for my t-shirt and shorts because it's my house colour.  I chose my hair to be blue because it looks awesome.

JG's Simpsons Avatar

This is my Simpsons Avatar.    I chose this because it looks different  to I actually do look like.  JG

CC's Avatar

Today I made an avatar, I chose that kind of hair because I thought it was the prettiest one I could find.  The colours blue and purple are my favourite colours and that's the reason why my clothing is blue and purple.  I also love stars and swirls! I love making avatars because you have a choice of making what you look like!

First Simpson Avatar HH

Today we made a Simpsons avatar.  I made this avatar because I like glasses and I like skulls on my shirt.  I think this avatar really explains how I think.

TL's Simpsons Avatar


This is my Simpsons Avatar.   I chose this one because I've always wanted to dye my hair purple, but if I dye my hair purple I'll look funny.   So I just made my avatar have purple hair.  I also like drinks so that's why I have a drink in the middle of my shirt.  I like my avatar and it's fun making a avatar.

New Simpson Avatar CC

Today we made our own Simpsons character by ourselves!.  I picked this avatar because I am tall, I have short hair and I like black sunglasses.  The website is www.Simpsonsmovie.com.

AMs Simpson Avatar

Today we were making a avatar in Simpson movie avatar maker and I made it like this because I've always wanted dark coloured clothes.

JD's Avatar

This is my avatar.  I chose my avatars hair to look like this is because I like the colour purple and I like to be different to others so I chose a colour that you may not have as hair.  I chose the sign on my T-shirt because I like to watch the show Big Bang Theory and they use that as a sign.  My avatar likes technology and likes to read books.

A.M's Avatar!

  ~This is my Avatar~

My avatar does not look like me!!!!!! She behaves in a strange way.  She usually is seen wearing weird wigs in public.  She probably has one of the worst tastes in fashion in the world! I'm am glad I'm not her! 

VP Avatar

Today I created a Simpsons avatar.  I choose a weird hairdo because  I always wanted to make something weird.  One thing I tell you that I am not  like this.  VP

SY's avatar

I like to create new things every time !!!!!!!
My hair is red because it's on FIRE ! ! ! ! 

~My Simpsons avatar~By S.S

 This is my Simpsons avatar.
She has dark brown hair that I like and don't really have.  She has a shirt with stars on it! (Stars are my favourite shape!!!) She loves horses and going riding with her favourite school pony Finn. 
~ SS

My Simpsons Avatar


Today I created a Simpsons avatar.  I chose this one because I wished I have had purple hair!  I also like to curl my eyelashes with Mascara.   I love making avatars because I can be who I would like to be .

My Simpsons Avatar

Today, I made a Simpsons avatar and I thought it looks awesome.  I chose a purple star shirt and pretty purple pants.

My Simpsons Avatar

Today we made a Simpsons avatar for ourselves!  I chose this one because I always wish that I had straight hair!  I also wear a lot of black clothes.  I love making avatars because I can make myself look anyway I like.