Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sketch Up!!!!!!

This week at digikids we leant how to use Sketch Up!!
I made this small house and it was super fun!!
I hope we can go back on Sketch Up again learn more fun stuff! 

BWH's Epic Name

this was hard because it was my first time doing sketch up      ,    it was

awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sketch Up!

At digikids we were learning how to use this cool new app called sketch up!
we had 3 tasks and I chose to try write my name in 3D on this app. I hope we can use this app a lot more!

My Awesome Google Sketch Up

Tis is my awesome google sketch up
i found this really easy to use
it was so awesome and fun.

Google SketchUp

I made a house in Google SketchUp. It was fun.  Next time I'm going to try and add on a garage and a deck.





Google Sketch Up My Name

This is my first google sketch up creation. I found it tricky but it was FUN

My Name

This is my name I think I did really well because I did not use the lettering. My next step is to make a different thing like making a new house and including my name on a wall.

Google sketch up

I think this is fun and hard.  
Next time I will make different things

HH's Google Sketch Up

I found this really fun and I would like to try new apps like this.

Google sketchup

I found this easy because the tools were really easy to use
next time i will make a better creation

Google Sketch up

I found it easy because I have a google sketch up at home as well so sometimes I could practice at home.
Next time I will try to make it more detailed.  

MA's Sketch-Up

This was my first time using Sketch-Up so I think I could do better next time. I think it looks okay but the colours and stuff look weird.

Sketch Up

Reflection: This is what I created on sketch up at digikids.It was fun my favourite, bit was my epic house.

google sketch up

I found it hard to zoom in and out
Eden W

sketch up fun

                                          MY REFLECTION
    I found this really fun because we got to use different shapes and colours.

Garage,House,Dog Kennel,Chess Board and a Pool!

This was so fun! I enjoyed every bit of it.I made a Garage a House A dog Kennel and a Pool also a Chess Board.

My Google Sketch Up

This is my name in google sketch up. On Google sketch up it was hard to think of it. and i found it really fun i would wont to do something a bit harder.

Google Sketchup


I was learning how to make creations on Google Sketchup. I made a Pyramid and a House. It was really fun using lots of different tools. Next time I want to make more creations.

My Awesome Sketch up.

My Reflection 
I enjoy using google sketch up.
I found this simple.

Google Sketch Up


I was learning how to use Google Sketch Up.
I found this easier when I had the document on how to make a house.
I would definitely recommend Google Sketch Up.
Next time I could maybe put some things in my house.
I really enjoyed using this app.

Sketch Up 


I was learning to use sketch up and this is what I made it is really fun but a little bit hard you can make all sorts of stuff like a house you can make designs etc.. Sketch up is a fun app that you can do all sorts of stuff with and it is awesome !!!!!!

Google Sketch Up House 

I found it easy to use Google Sketch Up because I practice.
Next time I want to try to make other things.