Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Join Digikids 2015

Want to join Digikids in 2015? Want to know what does Digikids do? Have a peek in this video!

Digikids Poster Advertising

This is our Digikids Poster for why you should join Digikids. Its also explains what you have to do and be to be a Digikid. We work on projects such as Digikids Advertising. We put a lot of effort and pride in this poster. 

Digikids poster

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sketch Up!!!!!!

This week at digikids we leant how to use Sketch Up!!
I made this small house and it was super fun!!
I hope we can go back on Sketch Up again learn more fun stuff! 

BWH's Epic Name

this was hard because it was my first time doing sketch up      ,    it was

awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sketch Up!

At digikids we were learning how to use this cool new app called sketch up!
we had 3 tasks and I chose to try write my name in 3D on this app. I hope we can use this app a lot more!

My Awesome Google Sketch Up

Tis is my awesome google sketch up
i found this really easy to use
it was so awesome and fun.

Google SketchUp

I made a house in Google SketchUp. It was fun.  Next time I'm going to try and add on a garage and a deck.





Google Sketch Up My Name

This is my first google sketch up creation. I found it tricky but it was FUN

My Name

This is my name I think I did really well because I did not use the lettering. My next step is to make a different thing like making a new house and including my name on a wall.

Google sketch up

I think this is fun and hard.  
Next time I will make different things

HH's Google Sketch Up

I found this really fun and I would like to try new apps like this.

Google sketchup

I found this easy because the tools were really easy to use
next time i will make a better creation

Google Sketch up

I found it easy because I have a google sketch up at home as well so sometimes I could practice at home.
Next time I will try to make it more detailed.  

MA's Sketch-Up

This was my first time using Sketch-Up so I think I could do better next time. I think it looks okay but the colours and stuff look weird.

Sketch Up

Reflection: This is what I created on sketch up at digikids.It was fun my favourite, bit was my epic house.

google sketch up

I found it hard to zoom in and out
Eden W

sketch up fun

                                          MY REFLECTION
    I found this really fun because we got to use different shapes and colours.

Garage,House,Dog Kennel,Chess Board and a Pool!

This was so fun! I enjoyed every bit of it.I made a Garage a House A dog Kennel and a Pool also a Chess Board.

My Google Sketch Up

This is my name in google sketch up. On Google sketch up it was hard to think of it. and i found it really fun i would wont to do something a bit harder.

Google Sketchup


I was learning how to make creations on Google Sketchup. I made a Pyramid and a House. It was really fun using lots of different tools. Next time I want to make more creations.

My Awesome Sketch up.

My Reflection 
I enjoy using google sketch up.
I found this simple.

Google Sketch Up


I was learning how to use Google Sketch Up.
I found this easier when I had the document on how to make a house.
I would definitely recommend Google Sketch Up.
Next time I could maybe put some things in my house.
I really enjoyed using this app.

Sketch Up 


I was learning to use sketch up and this is what I made it is really fun but a little bit hard you can make all sorts of stuff like a house you can make designs etc.. Sketch up is a fun app that you can do all sorts of stuff with and it is awesome !!!!!!

Google Sketch Up House 

I found it easy to use Google Sketch Up because I practice.
Next time I want to try to make other things.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I am learning to embed a Google Presentation

All About Cars,

Funny videos

My random presentation

Digikid Documents

How to Embed Presentations


All about animals!

How To Embed a Google Doc



Bearded Dragons

How To Embed a Google Prensentaion

How to Embed Google Doc

How to Embed a Google Presentation

Presentation and Document

mice are nice


I Am Random :)

Camp MERC Research

Year 6 Chant

Kids Dream World!

Maths Investigation

How to Embed a Google Presentation

Did You Ever?



Maths, Investigation,

How to Embed a Google Doc

This is Awesome