Sunday, August 19, 2012

The New Digikid.....CZ!!

Hi,my name is CZ
This is the first time being a awesome Digikid I hope I can learn lots of ICT stuff.I never thought I could be a digikid!

NG'S Awesome Comic

I Love digikids

My awesome voki

The Digikids Dog

Help us

LG Dan Carter Voki

Hi This is Dan Carter's wife!


Reece Mastin and SA

We have been using Instant Alpha. It was REALLY FUN but it took a lot of concentration. This is a photo of me with Reece Mastin.

My poster by NG

I used pages to make this poster and the instant alpha tool on there too. It was fun although a little hard. I learnt heaps!

All About Me

For this poster I used alpha, creative commas and pages. I learnt that

Kid Pix is AWESOME!!!

I think KidPix is awesome! It is NOT for babies! On KidPix you can draw wicked pictures and use cool effects. You can upload pictures, use sound and heaps of other cool things. In this picture I have drawn a picture of some cute charectors called minions 'Despicable Me' my favorite movie. from dancing around under a rainbow. 


KidPix - Its wicked!

This is Princess Purple. She is another example of how awesome KidPix its! I used the Paint Brush tool for her make up and a frame for the gold. I used Paint Bucket and Drawing tool for her clothes. I used Text for the name down the bottom.

Terrific Tigers

Here is my Animoto about beautiful tigers:

No Rubbish!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Shot Of Awesomeness!

This is a video of the shot of awesomeness! We used Puppet Pals on the iPad.  By BM and LD.

Nerd vs Miss Popluar

This is a short flim that SW, CW and BV made together! The tool we used was Puppet Pals on the iPad! This was our first time using it! We hope that we get to use this tool again.

BM's animoto

Aaaarrrgghhhh!!!! Traped in a COMPUTER!!!

This is a video we made using Puppet Pals on the iPad. We had a lot of fun making it and added some humour in it. I hope we get to use this tool again because it was a blast!!!

A sad story...

Friday, March 23, 2012


I think I have done well because I have used six out of seven of the
stuff on the success criteria. I enjoyed doing this and I didnt find
it tricky.