Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thank you Digikids!

Thanks to my wonderful Digikids. I am so impressed with the different techniques you have used in your Kid Pix pictures and also how you recognise that this fabulous application is not just for juniors! Best of all - thanks to all the Digikids who have made such positive and detailed comments on our blog - give yourselves 1000 house points each!

BJ kid pix

To make my picture I used the mixer tools for the background and I imported a photo from Photo Booth. I've written 'Going to ....' so you can imagine where I'm going to!

BM's kid pix!

This is my photo I did on kid pix. It is a photo of me changed in to something esle. I started to do my photo on photo booth and then changed.

SW's amazing kidpix

On kidpix I used the paint and the background.

RR's kidpix

This is my kidpix photo that I have done for the Digikids homework. I have used paint, pencil and background which we were not allowed to use animation.

TW' s kidpix

In this photo I used graphic tools, drawing tools, colour changing tools and I uploaded a photo.

IDs Kidpix

This is a picture of my Kidpix that I have done. The pink dribbles mean that, I can be upset sometimes. The colourful spiral means, I can be quite silly most of the time. The different colours at the bottom means, I can take risks and try new things every day. I hope you like my picture and... DIGIKIDS ROCKS!!!!

CZ kid pix of me

This is my kid pix for homework. In this picture I have 4 pictures of me in different effects. The effects are called normal,light tunnel ,clouds and yosmite. I also put stars and rainbows for the border.

Love at first sight

I took a photo on Photo Booth then I uploaded it on to KidPix. I used the paint Bucket for the back -ground, stamps for the hearts and flowers, text box for the writing and the drawing tools for the BIG heart.

P.S if you're younger than 10, you might not want to look.


Kid Pix Is So Not For Babies!

Do you think Kid Pix is a little kid thing? Actually it's totally not. Take my absolutely AWESOME kid pix here,how did I do it? I first did a background (I used the paintbucket) then imported some photos of SA and I. Then I added cute colourful bubbles and rainbows and gold stars (you get it in the paintbrush tool) around for a border. After that I doodled all over my pictures it was quite fun and hilarious. Thanks to CZ and SA for teaching me all these cool little details.

LG Kidpix

I made this using splatterpaint, paint and text.
I made this because Digikids is really fun and Ms J is awesome. I uploaded this because I think I did really well on this artwork.

SA's AWSEOME KidPix!!!!

In this KidPix picture I have uploaded a photo from Photo Booth. Then I rubbed out half of it and the back ground on KidPix. Then I used the drawing tool to draw the other half. I find it hard to draw on KidPix because you are using a computer mouse not a pen.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Go Animate Rules!!! SA

I have been on Go Animate lately and I think it totally rules!!! Its SO FUN and everyone will enjoy it!! It helps you learn and Go Animate 4 Schools really is great for schools!!! I hope everyone will like Go Animate as much as I do!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Homework Due Friday 20 May 2011


We are learning to:

  • Use all the basic tools in KidPix
  • Import photos into KidPix
  • Save KidPix files as .jpg
  • Upload .jpg files to a blog

By Friday 20 May you should have completed a high quality picture of your choice in KidPix that demonstrates your knowledge of all the basic drawing tools we have discussed. You may also choose to import a photo. Once complete you need to upload this to our Digikids blog, write a brief comment about what you have done and add your initials to the tags.

Remember the rules - no stickers, stamps, animations, sounds or movies.

Good luck!