Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SA's AWSEOME KidPix!!!!

In this KidPix picture I have uploaded a photo from Photo Booth. Then I rubbed out half of it and the back ground on KidPix. Then I used the drawing tool to draw the other half. I find it hard to draw on KidPix because you are using a computer mouse not a pen.


Anonymous said...

I like the creativity here.
It looks good with the rainbow background.It has also shown your artistic skills!-NG

Digikids @ EPS said...

Hi SA!
I like the background and the creativity in it.-NG

Anonymous said...

Hi SA, I really like your picture because, you have put in your real face for the 1st half, and then you have drawn the other side of you, great job, keep it up!!!!- ID