Friday, February 25, 2011

Digikids Homework

Hope all you had fun at Digikids today - I know I did! Please remember your homework:
  1. Have a play with Go Animate - if you have forgotten the login details go to KnowledgeNET - My Zone - Specialist Groups - Digikids.
  2. Write a new post of our Digikids blog to tell us what you think about GoAnimate, any ideas you have on how it could be used and maybe things you still want to know? The login details are the same as your login for KnowledgeNET.
Remember I'm happy for you to work on Digikids stuff on the library computers at break times if you come and check with me first.

Our next meeting is Friday 18 March at 9:30am in the Library. If you have any problems or questions just come and see me or send an email. :)

Ms J

Friday, February 11, 2011

Introducing DJ !!!!!

I am looking foward to learning new sites and I'm ready to learn new skills on the computer to help my class. I also want to show the class what I have learnt at Digikids.

Introducing SK !!!!!

  1. I am looking foward to learning new things and skills for Digikids 2011 and be helping other people in my class computing. I want to show my class what I've learned in Digikids.

Introducing the TOTALLY AWESOME......... SA!!!!!!

Hi!! I'm SA!!!
This is my first year being a totally cool Digikid!!! I've always wanted to be a Digikid!!!! I LOVE ICT and computers. This year I want to do Animoto. I did that a little last year in Room 12. DIGIKIDS RULE!!!!

Introducing BM

Hi I'm BM and I am excited about 2011 Digikids because I could learn new stuff. I want to be making some Comic Lifes. I am also excited about being a Digikid because this is my first time being a Digikid and so I can learn new sites and show my class, friends and family the stuff I will be making.

introducing the outstanding LG!

Hi, I am LG and I am a Digikid this year. The best thing I want to do in Digikids is make alot of stuff throughout the year. EPS is a cool school. Hope you like all our work! I'm a Digikid 2011!


Introducing THE TOTALLY AWESOME .......NG!!!!!!!

Hi I am NG.
This is my first time being a Digikid. This year I hope that I will learn more ICT gadgets and new ICT learning websites. Being a Digikid has been my dream, but I'd never thought it would come true!

Introducing D.L!!!

I am looking foward to Digikids this year because I really enjoy learning awsome new sites. Because I enjoy doing cool new things with the other Digikids and learning things I can show my class the things I learnt at Digikids.I my ready to learn new skills. I'm ready for 2011 Digikids.

The Cool Digikids

Hi I'm RR. I am looking foward to doing all the stuff in Digikids. I also want to help the class with ICT.

I want to do lots of stuff on the blog.

Digikids rules

Hi I'm T.W
I'm really looking forward to 2011 Digikids.
I would like to learn new things at Digikids this year.
And I would like to use Fotobabble , Slide show and Animoto.

DigiKids rocks :)

Hi I'm SW
I love Digikids .I am very happy that I got chosen to be a Digikid again this year. I have been a Digikid for 2 years now. I am also very proud of myself . Good work SW.

I would love to use vocaroo because I haven't used vocaroo for a long time. I would also like to use fotobabble because I have never used it before because when ever I use it, it never works and then I say I will go use it and then I forget about it.

I can't wait to learn new things this year.

By S.W

Say hello to the AWASOME S-L!!!!!

I've been looking forward to learning new fun skills and sites. I also looking foward to meeting new Digikids!!

Introducing... ID!!!!

I am really looking foward to DigiKids this year!!!!

I am very excited to have been selected as a DigiKid this year.
I have always been a TechFreak at home so, I hope I will be helping you with your work and...

Digikids ROCK!!!!

Introducing the fabulous Ms J!

I've been really looking forward to 2011 so I can work with our amazing Digikids! What I'm most looking forward to is using cool new websites and sharing all our work on our new blog! Today we all met together for the first time and I can tell already we are going to work well together and have heaps of fun. EPS Digikids rock!