Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kp's survey

DC Survey


A Favorite Survey

IU Suervey

Information (SY)

MA survey

L,N,T,G's Survey for cool people!

AT's survey

CC's form

J.D Survey

IR Survey

HH's survey

~SS's Form ~

TL's Survey

NL Survey

MS J Survey

Google Forms

Today we have been learning about making Google Forms.  Your task is to embed your practice form into our blog and then submit responses to at least two other Digikid forms.  Good luck!
Ms J

Monday, June 17, 2013

Google presentation: Top 3 strongest heroes

Here is the link for my google presentation slides !!!
click to visit:


Click here for a link.

Here are some cool facts about bats.

click here for the link

Here is some slides I did about Minecraft.

Taylor Swift

Click here for a link.
Here are some fun and interesting facts about Taylor Swift, click the link above to find out more.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google Presentation Using

Ding ding !!!!!!

My presentation about lions.

This is my presentation 

I like using presentation because lions is one of my favourite animals. I also like using presentation because it's a fun thing to do.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All about V.P

Here is my presentation about V.P.  I have done this because I just want to do a presentation about her because she is one of my friends.
Click the bunny to view

I hoped you like my presentation 
Please Comment!

I love Cats

This is my presentation 

I love using this presentation because I can make a presentation and show people.

Taylor Swift

This is my presentation.
I love using this because I can make a presentation to show people.

communication on applications

This is my presentation
I hope you like it.

Taylor Swift Presentation

Click here for to view my presentation.

Here are some Taylor Swift facts.  Google Presentation is very easy to use!
Click here to view my Presentation

Sign Language Presentation

Here is a link to my Google Presentation.

 This is my Sign Language Presentation. Google Presentation is almost identical to keynote on Mac's. Hope you like it!!!

CC's Google Presentation

This term our class have been using Google Apps! On the link below is my presentation I did for homework! A couple of weeks ago, it was Food Week and our homework was to write the ingredients for your favourite family dinner! And explain why..

At first I thought making a presentation was really hard but it was extra easy!
To look at my awesome presentation click on the link below!!


~Google Presentation~

This term we have been using Google apps. In this post I will show you my presentation that I created.
To see my presentation click the smile... 
It was for our homework and it was the first time I ever used google presentation. Sometimes it was tricky to do things like adding in photos because sometimes it won't show up. But in the end I found out how to do it and now it is easier than before.