Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Digikids test spreedsheet

Random Drawing

Favourite colour sheet

In digikids, I've been learning how to make a spreadsheet. It was really fun. I
made it about sport. My favourite sport is swimming.

BTWs spreadsheet

this is my spreedsheet

HH's Spreadsheet

Today I've learnt how to use spreadsheet.



KY Favourite Fruit

I learnt how to make a graph in Google spreadsheets. I used a pie graph. We also learnt how to put it onto the Digikids blog.

TL's Sheet

I enjoyed doing my spreadsheet because it was a lot of fun and I learnt something new.  I thought to was a cool idea. My favourite colour was the purple, thats why I put it the most votes.

CC's Spreadsheet

I learnt how to collect data and learned to use spread sheets.


KP's shreadsheet

Favourite Pet IR

I learnt how to make a graph in google spreadsheets. I also learnt how to put it on the blog. I used a bar graph.

MA's spread sheet

This was really easy because we are digikids and we find things easy.

Spread sheet

I learnt to how to make a spread sheet.

Sports spreedsheet

Today I learnt how to collect data and do it into a spreed sheet and
 all sorts of stuff about spreed sheet and how to upload it to the Digikids

Sports sheet

My First SpreadSheet!

Today I have learnt how to use the Google appliccation Spread Sheets! It is alot of fun and I hope we can do it again.

A '&' D

Today we learnt how to collet data by using google spread sheet.                   : )

JG's spreadsheet

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

spread sheet

Today I learnt how to use google spreadsheets and I learnt heaps of new things.

C.W spreadsheet


Levi's Pie Chart about the 21st century apps!


This is a spreadsheet/graph that I made with CC. We had to do a random numbers and votes with the options because we did not have enough time to find out what everyone would say. Then we highlighted it and turned it into a (doughnut) graph and changes the colours and fonts.
I learnt how to make it and change it into what I wanted. It would've been better if we got to have more fonts to choose from.

Favorite colour on Google spreadsheets

Today I learnt how to collect data and create it into a graph of our choice. We needed to create a title and change the appearance and the legend words. I used a donut graph. There are many different graphs to use.  I also learnt how to publish it to the digiKids blog.