Thursday, March 10, 2016

Marco's Tagul

It was easy because I just had to customize it.

Digikids 2016

My Reflection
This is my Tagul. I learnt how to do this in my first Digikids lesson.In this Tagul it has everything that I like and do.

Yovela's TAgul

I have been enjoying my time as a DigiKid,
Because I had fun doing Tagul and I learned how to use electronics.

Digi Kids 2016

                                                              My Reflection
                     I learnt how to do Tagul in my Tagul I have everything that I do and like

Peter's Taugul

This was my first Digkids lesson. I learn how to do a taugul today.


My reflection
We lernt to make a tagul it was fun because i got to express my self.

My tagul

      In digi-kids I made a tagul.  I have had experience in making a tagul because I have made one in the past years.  I think that this is a good way to discribe our self in the from form of art.

All about Paige

My Reflection

I have been learning how to make  a tagul cloud about my self.  I really enjoyed making this and I hope you like it.

Raquel's Tagul

My Tagul

I Learnt how to do a Tagul in Digikids  

I found it really fun to do.

Shreya tagul

All About Tanzee Tagul

My Reflection
I was learning to make a Tagul about myself. I found this easy because I had used Tagul before. My next step is to use Tagul more often.

Tagul Christian

My reflection I though it was easy to do this because we just had to put a bunch of words that describe us .

Vikasni's Tagul

I have been enjoying my time as a Digikid.
Because we get to do coding and we get to learn about troubleshoots! Plus I love electronics. 

Abhilasha's Tagul

I am enjoying Digikid very much.

Tagul About Nadia

My Reflection
This was the first thing that I did  in my first Digikids class.It is a Tagul about me

Aliah's Tagul

My Reflection:In digikids I have made a taugl about myself.  I have experience on making a taugl because I have made on in year four.  Here it is

Kalin's tagul

This is my tagul

George's Tagul

Matthew's Tagul

This Is What Mine All About Me Tagul Turned Out As.

Tagul About Me

Charlottes Tagul

This is my tagul that i made at digikids.

Tagul about Katie

Last week we learnt how to make a Tagul about our selfs .
I hope you like it !

Norah's Tagul

This is my tagul about things that I like, I learnt this in digikids, this is fun. I can use this in class!!!