Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

CC's Other Avatar

This is the manga avatar I made, I think it turned out really cute! I chose that kind of hair because I've always wanted my hair to look like that :D I also love whiskers and batman!

~A.M's new Avatar~

Guess What? I was playing around and I found this awesome site on which I can make cool avatars! It was called Like it?

JD's avatar in Paris.

~My Manga face~SS~


DC's Simpsons avatar

Today we were making a Simpsons avatar.  I chose green for my t-shirt and shorts because it's my house colour.  I chose my hair to be blue because it looks awesome.

JG's Simpsons Avatar

This is my Simpsons Avatar.    I chose this because it looks different  to I actually do look like.  JG

CC's Avatar

Today I made an avatar, I chose that kind of hair because I thought it was the prettiest one I could find.  The colours blue and purple are my favourite colours and that's the reason why my clothing is blue and purple.  I also love stars and swirls! I love making avatars because you have a choice of making what you look like!

First Simpson Avatar HH

Today we made a Simpsons avatar.  I made this avatar because I like glasses and I like skulls on my shirt.  I think this avatar really explains how I think.

TL's Simpsons Avatar


This is my Simpsons Avatar.   I chose this one because I've always wanted to dye my hair purple, but if I dye my hair purple I'll look funny.   So I just made my avatar have purple hair.  I also like drinks so that's why I have a drink in the middle of my shirt.  I like my avatar and it's fun making a avatar.

New Simpson Avatar CC

Today we made our own Simpsons character by ourselves!.  I picked this avatar because I am tall, I have short hair and I like black sunglasses.  The website is

AMs Simpson Avatar

Today we were making a avatar in Simpson movie avatar maker and I made it like this because I've always wanted dark coloured clothes.

JD's Avatar

This is my avatar.  I chose my avatars hair to look like this is because I like the colour purple and I like to be different to others so I chose a colour that you may not have as hair.  I chose the sign on my T-shirt because I like to watch the show Big Bang Theory and they use that as a sign.  My avatar likes technology and likes to read books.

A.M's Avatar!

  ~This is my Avatar~

My avatar does not look like me!!!!!! She behaves in a strange way.  She usually is seen wearing weird wigs in public.  She probably has one of the worst tastes in fashion in the world! I'm am glad I'm not her! 

VP Avatar

Today I created a Simpsons avatar.  I choose a weird hairdo because  I always wanted to make something weird.  One thing I tell you that I am not  like this.  VP

SY's avatar

I like to create new things every time !!!!!!!
My hair is red because it's on FIRE ! ! ! ! 

~My Simpsons avatar~By S.S

 This is my Simpsons avatar.
She has dark brown hair that I like and don't really have.  She has a shirt with stars on it! (Stars are my favourite shape!!!) She loves horses and going riding with her favourite school pony Finn. 
~ SS

My Simpsons Avatar


Today I created a Simpsons avatar.  I chose this one because I wished I have had purple hair!  I also like to curl my eyelashes with Mascara.   I love making avatars because I can be who I would like to be .

My Simpsons Avatar

Today, I made a Simpsons avatar and I thought it looks awesome.  I chose a purple star shirt and pretty purple pants.

My Simpsons Avatar

Today we made a Simpsons avatar for ourselves!  I chose this one because I always wish that I had straight hair!  I also wear a lot of black clothes.  I love making avatars because I can make myself look anyway I like.